This video was made for Brent's video editing class. He filmed the footage and edited it together. The song, eBay is courtesy of Weird Al Yankovic and is Copyright Weird Al Yankovic. The eBay logo and website are Copyright of eBay. The video is powered by HTML Productions.

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AMV Planet

This is Brent's first Animated Music Video (AMV). He used video from the anime, Excel Saga, by J.C.Staff based on the Managa by Rikdo Koshi with the theme song from the show Captain Planet by TBS Productions. The video is meant for entertainment purposes only.

The opening scene was redubbed with audio provided by Brent and his brother. The music behind the credits was created by Brent in Magix Music Maker 10. The video is powered by The Sharingan Brothers, a psuedonym Brent and his brother created.

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