Brent Walker's Digital Portfolio

Striving for excellence and quality work.

This is just a small sample of the some of our best work. From web sites to calendars, powerpoints and more, this portfolio gives you a good look at the quality of our work.

Web Video is not limited to just these types of projects. We also provide flyers, brochures business cards, logo's and much more. Below is an early logo concept for this site.

An Early Logo for WV Productions

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Web Sites Castroville Public Library Book Logo
Castroville Public Library Website

Web Video Productions maintained the web site for the Castroville Public Library when it was under the direction of Dr. Deborah Queen. Since the library came under new direction Web Video no longer maintains the site.

The first three versions of the website were done in strict HTML. Web-Video Productions created the second, and third versions of the site. A copy of the third layout can be found here.

Logo for On-Target HTML Academy
On-Target HTML Academy

This site is a re-make of my first real website. This re-make is closer to the original concept I had. At the time I was unable to create the dynamic structure without tons of extra coding and endless javascript. (This was back before HTML 4.0)

Though many of them are outdated now, I have left the original content of the tutorials in tact as the main focus is on the coding and layout of the site itself.

Click here to see the site

Calendars Bookstore Calendar Logo
Bookstore Calendar 2010-2011

This is a calendar we put together in a days notice. This was a gift for the manager of the bookstore as she prepared to move out of state.

It features all the employees who worked there in regular photo's and a South Park chibi form. The South Park Chibi forms were created using Custom SouthParks.

See the artwork here.

Anime Calendar Logo
Anime Calendar 2010

This calendar is my own personal calendar. I took images from all my favorite anime shows and edited them into a unique galleria. The month titles I created to match the logo's of the corresponding anime. Check out the calendar here.

Divisions of Triad Role Play Board
Administrator: Life & Death

Divisions of Triad is a fan-based Black Butler Role Playing Board. Role players and anime lovers in general are some of the most enthusiastic digital artists. The members of D.O.T. are no exception.

Web Video Productions CEO, Brent Walker is the head Admin: Life & Death, of Divisions of Triad. The layouts and image manipulation were done by Web-Video Productions.

ProBoards allows each member to upload their own custom avatar and signature. As a service to the members of the board Brent helps supply artwork in the form of avatars and signatures to members who request it. He also accepts requests for other animes and even for original characters.

Black Butler, the characters and artwork are property of Yana Toboso and Square Enix. Brent simply makes the arrangements, layering and text effects.

Click here to see the artwork.