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Brent Walker our staff member.

Making the web come to life

Here at Web Video Productions we deal in all manner of digital media. Photo manipulation, web site creation and maintenance, video editing, sound editing, and more. Roll it all together for a multimedia package that will give you the professional edge you need to succeed!

Web-Video Productions: Bringing YOUR web to life!

Our Staff

Our team is hardworking and dedicated to producing top-qualtiy work. We have knowledge of all aspects of business technology needs, from fliers, to powerpoints, websites to advertisements.

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William Spears

Defrauding Fate Role Play Board

While not in direct control of the Defrauding Fate Board, Web Video Productions CEO, Brent Walker is one of the administrators: Grell.

As part of his duties Brent helps supply artwork in the form of avatars and signatures to members of the board who request it. He also accepts requests for other animes and even for original characters.

Black Butler, the characters and artwork are property of Yana Toboso and Square Enix. Brent simply makes the arrangements, layering and text effects.

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